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We often hear people say they are amazed at how much St. Paul's is doing. That is because we have such an amazing God, who fills us with His Holy Spirit and a passion for ministry! Come and be filled!

Opperation Christmas Child Cross.JPG
School Supplies Ministry

We are collecting school supplies for kids in the community to help them prepare for the coming school year.

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Lutheran Women's Missionary League is a huge driving force for mission work around the world. You can be a part of a globally impacting organization right here at our church!

Opperation Christmas Child Ministry

You wont believe the joy you will feel as you create one of a kind gifts at a craft workshop, or as you fill a box to send to a child for Christmas. 

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Piece Makers

They produce tons of beautiful, fun, and meaningful quilts every year, and they send them all out for free! Come be a part of this extraortinary ministry that reaches people all over the world with prayer and a warm hug of hope.

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